Elizabeth Short Post Mortem by Los Angeles Coroner

I began this feature by exploring every page, book and site about Elizabeth Short. Soon I realized that I had to flush and eliminate almost every word that was ever written about Miss. Short and her murder. This left me with a very limited pictorial biography. When I was finally able to view this particular post mortem photo long enough to see past the findings of the autopsy report, I felt as if I was actually there. This was a very painful moment for me, I began to sense in a strange way what Elizabeth might have gone through. I wept for Elizabeth for all that she suffered and endured. But I also felt shame for this country and all those persons who eagerly participated in defaming and slandering her. This to include the most recent film produced about her that had nothing to do with her life, her murder or death. It is so disheartening to me what has taken place for over sixty years in reference to Miss. Shorts life and death.

I spent weeks concentrating on each visible detail to her wounds in the post mortem images. Once I did this I saw many things that were noted in the biopsy but without explanation and or cause. I initially realized that I was struggling with the fact that the bridge of Miss Shorts nose was actually smaller after receiving blunt force blows to her head. Which indicated to me that possibly these were not wounds that were gouged with a scalpel at all. Possibly these wounds were a result of a clamping device attached to her nose for long periods of time. It is probable that the reason for this would have been to force her to inhale and exhale only through her mouth. Or to force her to open her mouth, strangely her ears are also of normal size. There is swelling to her face and head but it does not seem to be as remarkable as I would have thought it would be because of the blunt force described in the autopsy report and supported at the inquest. Next I saw what appeared to be the shape of a mask and goggles on her face. The wound on her neck also struck me as being potentially the result of a hose attachment to a mask. Her skin appears waxy to me as if it has been continually exposed to some kind of chemical gas, anesthetic or both. This in part is what has led me to these findings.

The photo on the left has been altered to show marks that I am alleging were caused by nose clips. Masks have been used for centuries for many different things. In the medical field for anesthetic and sanitary purposes. In the military masks were invented for soldiers to counter act the deadly effects of chemical warfare. Inclusive of this device were several components, one was the 'nose clip or clips'. Breathing equipment was designed for many years using a resilient material to straddle the nasal septum and block the nasal orifices of the user. When used properly the mask would allow pilots to reach higher elevations without losing consciousness, gas masks also allowed soldiers to sustain life through lethal gas attacks. However, I suppose that like most things that are created by the military in the wrong hands the same device could be used to intoxicate someone and maintain a mental state of placidness to gain control over that persons mind and free will. I do believe that this is a viable explanation for both the markings on Miss. Shorts face and why there is no apparent sign of struggle or resistance. I am referring to the evidence that her wrists and ankles were bound. The natural reflex of the mind and body is to resist pain and I do believe that no one can argue with me that Miss Short would not have been an exception to this generality. So why was there no epidermis evidence on her wrists and ankles where they were bound. No evidence of a natural reflex or reaction to the pain or blunt force inflicted over the period of time suggested by the autopsy. In my humble opinion it could only be because she was sedated to a manageable point, one where she would not have been able to struggle with her captor(s).

Elizabeth Short Post Mortem by Los Angeles Coroner

The photo on the right has been altered to show the fit of the USAAF A-13 Pressure Demand Mask, made in 1945, manufactured by MSA Company, USAF. this mask did use nose clips.

Elizabeth Short Post Mortem by Los Angeles Coronor

The photo on the right and left have been altered to show the fit of the USAAF A-15 Pressure Demand Prototype Mask, manufactured in 1945 at the Ohio Chem. & Manufacturing Company, USAF. This mask was designed without the need for the use of nose clips.

Mask Information: Christopher T. Carey A Brief History of US Military Aviation Oxygen Breathing Systems Photo credits: C.T. Carey, GM Bell Aviation US Air Force Historical Photo Archives, Draeger Aerospace, Chas Fraley.

People often ask me as to how I was able to see all these things omitted by the police investigations, media and autopsy reports at the time of Elizabeth Short's murder and onward. If there is any viable truth in anything I said it would have been revealed to me by my heavenly Father. I do what I try to always to with all things, I pray first and ask God to reveal the truth to me along with wisdom, understanding and discernment. Once again and extremely important! I have no new hard copy evidence or proof pertaining to the murder of Elizabeth Short.

2006 -Petra Maricela Thompson Violetarojo